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Training Programmes

We help devise unique responses, based on your personal experience, to answer perfectly all criteria selection questions posed in ST application forms. We also write CVs to demonstrate you have achieved all competencies required for your desired level and speciality.

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Thank you for 'successfully' guiding me through to GP training.

- Dr B. Subramaniam

Excellent work.

- Dr K. El-Abbadi

I really, really like the documents. Thank you.

- Dr M. Al-Abbadey

You are truly a Grand Master of your craft.

- Dr T. Hussain

A fantastic job.

-Dr A. Sadr

Thank you for your preparation of my CV which has been very much praised by those who have seen it, and achieved immediate success in my job application.

- Dr R. Sims

All the statements are excellent as far as I’m concerned. I thank you in advance.

- Dr A. Ayman


- Dr A. Rajput

Wonderful work.

- Dr D. Das

Many of my colleagues told me of their success in gaining interviews with you. I too received the success they told me I would get. The discussions I had with you were highly informative and the personal interest and care shown by you was exemplary.

- Dr A. Choudhary

I have had the interviews and successfully obtained the job I was aiming for. I initially felt that the cost was expensive. But it is worth it for the job you do.

- Dr Srinivasulu

Thanks for all your hard work.

- Dr T. Ruffles