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Perfect GP CV


We can perfectly pitch your new CV to fit a broad-based skill set sought after by most prospective practices. We can also focus the CV/cover letter to fit with the specific requirements of a particular practice's patient demographic, and incumbent team.

We will also research a particular practice where needed to ensure you demonstrate a vested interest in the area perhaps by the fact that you live there, have children going to a local school and any other relevant factors that make you fit more closely the profile of a GP the practice would prefer. This depth of insight into GP CV and letter writing has been honed over 30 years of practise, and can be immensely valuable to our discerning clients.

Our passion for what we do means your new CV and cover letter are achieved with a real sense of pride, and ensures the first impression you make is a successful one. Invariably this outstanding impression of you is carried over to your interview; whereafter many clients report back to us on the compliments their new job documents have received from interviewers.

Finally, your new CV's skilful explanation of your most relevant experience, interests, and other qualities provides the perfect preparation for your interview.

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Excellent. Really pleased with your work, and your suggestions. Certainly I would never have presented myself in the fashion you have envisaged, and can only feel you have highlighted the main facets of my work over the years, and can only anticipate great success with my applications for work, armed with this C.V. Again Many Thanks.

- Dr L. Dunphy
[Principal GP]

I am 'extremely' pleased with the new CV.

- Dr E. Gaskell
[GP Principal and Partner]

You have done an excellent job for me. It all fits together so beautifully now.

- Dr P. White
[GP Principal]

I have a 100% shortlist rate - due to the excellent quality of your CVs. No wonder you have a very high personal recommendation rate. I’ve told my colleagues to use no other service but Medico International.

- Dr M. Patten
[GP Registrar]

The GP Principal told me my CV was without doubt the best . . . I have tried other CV services and found them embarrassingly ‘cliche’./p>

- Dr S. Whiteman
[Part-time GP]

I am equally delighted with your work this time around, as I was with the work you did for me some years ago.

- Dr K. Smith
[GP Partner

I am delighted to let you know I've been short-listed for the 1st job I applied for with my new CV.

- Dr Y. Osiyemi
[Salaried GP]

This CV looks great.

- Dr C. Smith
[Salaried General Practitioner]

Hello Mr Coakley, I am pleased to inform you that I was given CESR recently. I thank you you for your help with my CV. With Best Regards

- Dr R. Sridharr
[Staff Grade Anaesthetics]

Thank you very much, the Article 14 CV/application looks great!

- Dr P. Ruja
[Consultant Psychiatrist]

Your commitment to your work is outstanding.

- Dr Y. Rajalingam
[Consultant Anaesthetist]

Many thanks for your help in massively improving my CV for Article 14.

- Mr M. Saeed
[Consultant Surgeon]

Your style and presentation is outstanding, I am very impressed with your unchallenged professionalism.

- Mr M. Osman
[Consultant ENT Surgeon]

I am delighted that my new c.v. has been done this way. It is extremely neat, well organised and above all expressed with real authority. Well done. My congratulations.

- Mr A. Bajegni
[Consultant Ophthalmologist]

You have done a wonderful job. I would never recommend anyone else.

- Dr L. Grove
[Consultant Paediatrician]

Thank you so much for the work on the application form. I am very pleased.

- Dr W. Werner
[Consultant Psychiatrist]

An excellent piece of work.

- Dr S. Lehm
[Consultant in Respiratory Medicine]

Thank you for working over the weekend to get my CV done in just two days. Your weekend service must be unique. I have been appointed to the only post I applied for as Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

- Mr S. Varma
[Consultant Plastic Surgeon]

Many thanks for your great help and good work. I will surely recommend you for your services.

- Dr M. Wejbora
[Consultant Anaesthetist]

The CV is truly superb. The first post I applied for I got.

- Dr Peter Sebwufu
[Consultant Paediatrician and former Minister for Health]

You read all the documents I sent you with wisdom, understood what I needed to say and expressed this more clearly and elegantly than I could have done myself. I was offered the post as a consultant respiratory physician and senior lectureship in medicine in the university hospital I wanted. The interviewer said my job application had given me a clear advantage above the other candidates, even before I had walked in the door.-

- Dr U. Beckert
[Consultant Respiratory Medicine]

Thank you for your help with my application. I have been shortlisted.

- Dr A. Kucharska
[Consultant - Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services]

Dear Paul, Brilliant, well drafted, I am happy with the letter too. Thanks,

- Dr Heramba Rao

Hi Paul, It is a fantastic job and I really like it.

- Dr P. Ahmed

Dear Paul, I am delighted to inform you that I have been successful in securing the Consultant post [you prepared the Application for]. I also appreciate your expert advice “at all stages” of Article 14 CESR preparation and further works. Keep up the good works! P.S. I might refer one of my friends to you for help in securing their Article 14 in Ophthalmology in the near future.

- Regards Dr I. Raja